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Radiant Infloor Heating

RadiantInfloorThe basic idea of using warm water to distribute heat dates as far back as the Roman Empire. However, it was the development of the PEX distribution tubing that unleashed the concept’s vast potential. The superior PEX tubing of cross linked polyethylene manufactured by Roth guarantees unparalleled long-term performance. Along with the other high-tech Roth innovations, it makes hydronic radiant heating your best choice for any home, building or remodeling project.

In buildings with radiant panel heating, thermostat settings are typically 3 to 6 degrees lower for three reasons:

  • Temperature distribution all over the room is close to ideal. Therefore, normal thermostat settings can be decreased.
  • About half the heat is provided as radiant heat, which most thermostats to do not read correctly. They mainly read air temperature; the portion of heat generated by convection or movement of warmed air.
  • Because the feet are the thermostats of the body, when a radiant panel directly warms your feet, you feel comfortable at a much lower room temperature.

Retrofit your existing home!


REHAU's RAUPANEL underfloor radiant heating system.

RAUPANEL achieves highest heat output among panel systems:

  • 50%1 higher heat output can satisfy demands of colder regions without supplemental heat
  • 270° contact between pipe and highly conductive aluminum panel delivers quick response, making nighttime setback feasible
  • Built-in air pocket and wide contact surface of the patented aluminum panel efficiently directs heat upward
  • Lower fluid temperature requirements uniquely qualify RAUPANEL to work with geothermal heat pumps
  • Choice of 6 or 8 in. on-center spacing yields precise pipe layouts, increases comfort