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Focus on Energy Incentives!

What’s New?

The 2023 Geothermal Tax Credit

Mitsubishi Homeowner Incentive Extended through 02-29-24

  • Flat discount of $500 per multi[1]zone system shown on homeowner invoice
  • Multiple MXZ systems sold can earn multiple homeowner discounts for the same homeowner
  • $500 Instant Rebate awarded to homeowner at the time of the sale.
  • Qualifying sales must be residential
  • No multifamily or special quotes
  • No light-commercial system sales

The Geothermal tax credit is back!

Check out the link below to learn more. https://www.achrnews.com/articles/136527-geothermal-heat-pump-tax-credits-reinstated

2017 Cash Back Rewards available through June 30th!
Scroll down to see reward amounts.

Heating and Cooling Equipment Cash-Back Reward Amount
Propane multi-stage furnace with ECM, 90% AFUE or greater Residential Reward: $100
Enhanced Reward: $300
Natural gas furnace, 95% AFUE or greater Residential Reward: N/A
Enhanced Reward: $350
Natural gas multi-stage furnace with ECM, 95%+ AFUE Residential Reward: $125
Enhanced Reward: $525
Add $125 with Smart T-Stat
Natural gas multi-stage furnace with ECM, 95% AFUE or greater, installed with a 16 SEER or greater central air conditioner Residential Reward: $250
Enhanced Reward: $750
Add $125 with Smart T-Stat
Modulating natural gas boiler with outdoor reset control, 95%+ AFUE Residential Reward: $400
Enhanced Reward: $550
Add $125 with Smart T-Stat
Air source heat pump, 16+ SEER and 8.4+ HSPF or greater (propane, oil, or electric furnace only; cannot be a mini-split or ductless system) Residential Reward: $300
Enhanced Reward: $300
Add $125 with Smart T-Stat
ECM replacement (must replace PSC motor) Residential Reward: $100
Enhanced Reward: $100
Indirect water heater (must be installed at the same time as a qualified boiler) Residential Reward: $100 Enhanced Reward: $150
Modulating combination natural gas boiler with integrated domestic hot water and outdoor reset control, 95%+ AFUE Residential Reward: $500
Enhanced Reward: $675
Add $125 with Smart T-Stat
Smart thermostat stand-alone (not installed along with new program qualified HVAC equipment). For use with natural gas furnace, natural gas boiler and air source heat pump only. Residential Reward: $75
Enhanced Reward: $75

Note: Work with your Trade Ally to ensure the equipment you install qualifies for Focus on Energy incentives.

Visit Focus on Energy’s website for more information

Renewable Technology Incentives available for Residential and Business Customers – Existing Construction (2017 Wisconsin Focus on Energy)

Work with a Focus on Energy Trade Ally to ensure the system you install qualifies for program incentives.

Renewable Equipment Cash-Back Reward Amount
Geothermal heat pump system $650
Solar Electric (PV) system $ 600 per kWDC rated capacity
Minimum $300/Maximum $2400
Renewable energy loans 0% interest for up to 50% of project cost through your private lender
Complete system requirements and eligibility guidelines are available at focusonenergy.com/renewable.

2017 Whole Home Approach: For ultimate home comfort and savings, consider getting a home energy assessment. You’ll receive customized efficiency recommendations and generous financial incentives when you move forward with important insulation and air sealing projects.

Level Air Sealing & Insulation Reward Amount
1 10.0% – 19.9% energy reduction $850 Tier 1
$1000 Tier 2
2 20.0% – 29.9% energy reduction $1250 Tier 1
$1500 Tier 2
3 30.0% + energy reduction $2000 Tier 1
$2250 Tier 2

$250 bonus when you complete Whole Home Improvements and Heating & Cooling Improvements together. (Tier 1 only. Must be completed within 90 days of each other.)

You may be eligible for the larger Tier 2 incentives if your household income falls below the upper limits outlined below.

Household Size Annual Income Upper Limit
1 $34,134.00
2 $44,637.00
3 $55,140.00
4 $65,642.00
5 $76,145.00
6 $86,648.00

Follow these steps to become pre-approved for Tier 2 incentives:

  1. Download the Income Eligibility Application at focusonenergy.com/heatingandcooling or call (800) 762-7077.
  2. Collect required documentation and submit your application.
  3. Receive approval notification and move forward with your projects.

Cash-Back Reward amounts and requirements are subject to change. Visit focusonenergy.com for complete program information.

  1. Applications must be postmarked within 60 days of installation.
  2. Qualified equipment must be installed in existing residential dwelling or three or fewer units. New construction is not eligible.
  3. Only equipment listed on pre-qualified equipment  list is eligible for Cash-Back Rewards.
  4. Enhanced Rewards are available to income-eligible residences of three or fewer units of participating Wisconsin electric and/or natural gas utilities.
  5. Customers must have documented gross income below 80% of the state median income. Visit focusonenergy.com/rewards for more information.

Note: Vernon Electric, Jackson Electric, Riverland Energy, and Scenic Rivers Energy run their own rebate programs, separate from Focus on Energy. Follow the links to see what your utility offers and download the appropriate forms!

Water Furnace is offering a free coil with installation of a dual fuel system!